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Making the Object Reference visible on the main tab of a record

Workbooks Support Posted: 2013-03-27 18:45

All records in Workbooks are given a unique Object Reference, which the user cannot change but can view. On some record types (such as Quotations, Customer Orders, Invoices, etc), the reference is automatically visible on the main tab of that record. On People and Organisations however, you need to either hover over or click on the information icon on the top right-hand corner of the record to see it.

If you'd like the Object Reference to appear on the main tab of a Person or Organisation record you can control this by customising the page layout as described below:

Click Start > Configuration > Customisation > Record Types. Choose either Organisations or People, depending which type of record layout you want to modify.

Open the Form Layouts tab and either click New Form Layout to create a completely new layout or, if any modified form layouts already exist, click to open the one you want to modify.

With the Fields tab open, scroll down to the Section called Not Shown, where all the fields that exist for this type of record but which aren't already showing on the form are listed. (They will be greyed out.) Select either Organisation reference or Person reference, depending on which type of record layout you are using. Tick the box next to Show and use the dropdown picklists next to Section and Position to control where on the form you want the reference to appear. Click Save & Close.

Make any other modifications you might want to make to the form layout and click Save & Close. (Make sure the checkbox next to Published is ticked and that you've shared the layout with the relevant users.)

You will now be able to see the unique Object Reference for the type of record you've modified, as shown below (although you may have positioned the reference elsewhere).

For more information on modifying form layouts click here.