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Workbooks Support Posted: 2016-02-10 09:12

All things connected with accessing Workbooks via a mobile device such as Smartphone or Tablet using the Workbooks Mobile Client app or Internet browser.

The details below provide highlights of some of the enhancements and bug fixes applied in January 2016, and by no means, is meant to be a full or extensive list:

  • Activity description now copies into the follow-on activity.
  • Map Panel for an organisation is now visible.
  • Ability to Watch/Unwatch records in a list.
  • Auto-mapping a Dynamic List Item (DLI) to a linked item, retains the link.
  • Renaming record labels is now supported.
  • Default database is automatically selected when logging in.
  • Pressing Back icon now returns to the search results.
  • Creating a meeting that happened today no longer gives an error.
  • Email tab shows correct emails.
  • Primary contact information correctly displayed.
  • Primary contact can be set for meetings.