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Retrieving linked_item_association values from API

External Posted: 2013-10-10 09:09

I have an API call which returns custom fields (dynamic linked items).

I'm retrieving these using the linked_item_association_for_ prefix. ie


which returns an ID number.


What is the API method URI to map these ID numbers into values? I can't seem to find this information in the documentation.




Workbooks Support Posted: Mon, 12.08.2013 - 09:24



You will need to create a second call to the API with these ID numbers to map these values. You can only create a call for one record type at a time.


So for example if you could gather all the id's and create a call to the API for organisations but will need to create another call or opportunities and so on.


I hope that helps.


Workbooks Support

External Posted: Sun, 13.10.2013 - 08:21

I understand I need to make separate requests to translate the ID to value but what is the actualy API URI ?

Can you point me to the documentation that provides the request parameters or provide an example implementation?



External Posted: Sat, 19.10.2013 - 12:39

The link below details the different requests and where they should be directed to.

The this will fetch the data as it would for any other request.


Workbooks Support

External Posted: Sat, 19.10.2013 - 12:40

Sorry but I can't find any reference to linked_item_association in this documentation.

For example, I am calling the cases.api which returns a cf_linked_item_association field.

The field contains an internal reference number, but rather than receiving our data, I am receiving a workbooks ID.

How do I translate this workbooks ID back to our reference number? 



External Posted: Sat, 19.10.2013 - 12:40

 Hi There,


Would you be able to send the following in an email to for the attention of Mark and we will have a look into this for you:

A copy of the request you are sending

The response you're getting

A description of exactly what you are trying to achieve




Workbooks Support