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Using mixed licences within Workbooks

Workbooks Support Posted: 2014-08-18 08:23

One of the advantages of using Workbooks is that you can allocate CRM licences to some users and Business licences to those who need to create and access transaction records such as Orders, Invoices, Credit Notes and Supplier Orders. A common question in this scenario is:

Can users with a CRM licence then see the transaction records created by Business users?

The answer is that yes, when looking at the Transactions tab on either a Person or an Organisation record, the CRM user would see a grid view of these records but when clicking to open them, they would be denied access, as shown below:

The same is true of reporting, ie, the CRM user could build a report to show, say, Credit Notes, but when clicking on a hyperlink to open one of them, they would be denied access.