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Workbooks Import / Export Process

Workbooks Support Posted: 2016-08-15 09:26

Have you thought about automatically importing/exporting files into/from Workbooks? If yes, then you'll be excited to hear about the Workbooks SFTP Import/Export Process.

What is the Workbooks SFTP Import/Export Process?

It's a process which allows customers to achieve one/both of the following:

1. Automatically retrieve a csv file from a folder on an SFTP server and use the native Workbooks import functionality to bring in the data

2. Automatically export contents from a Workbooks reports as a csv file and place it in a folder on an SFTP server

Why would I want to do this?

If you have data in either an external system or Workbooks which needs to be regularly imported into its partner system, the Workbooks SFTP Import/Export process can automatically do this for you. No longer will yourself or colleagues have to spend time exporting data and importing it into another system.

Can you provide an example of when this would be used?

Let's say you have a SQL database which contains Invoice information and you want to import this information into Workbooks. Using the Workbooks SFTP Import/Export Process it's possible to push a csv file from your SQL database containing Invoice information to a folder on the SFTP server (this could be automated). The Workbooks process would automatically pick up the file and import it using a predefined import template to either create or update Invoices.

I'm interested, what's required to set this up?

Firstly, a conversation with a Workbooks consultant. They will discuss your requirements and be able to advise how much effort is required to setup the SFTP Import / Export Process to meet your needs. From there it is a case of agreeing how you wish to proceed and working towards implementing the process.

Is there a cost associated?

Yes. Although the core mechanism already exists any specific requirements will need to be catered for and you'll require assistance setting up the export reports/import templates and understanding how it works.