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API Training Videos

We've put together a series of videos showing you how to use the Workbooks API. The videos available are:


Introduction to the Workbooks API and Process Engine

Approx 11 mins.

This introduces the Workbooks API and how to use the Workbooks Process Engine to keep things simple. Other videos in the series go into more detail and show how to use these; this is an introduction.


Choosing how to use the Workbooks API

Approx 10 mins.

The Workbooks Process Engine and Hello World

Approx 10 mins.

Workbooks Process Engine - Hello Name

Approx 17 mins.

Workbooks Script Runtime Environment

Approx 7 mins.

Workbooks API GET records

Approx 10 mins.

Workbooks API more on GET, logging and Metadata

Approx 9 mins.

Workbooks API create and update records

Approx 10 mins.

Workbooks API delete, send email, api data, and other techniques

Approx 8 mins.

Workbooks Processes and how they work

Approx 38 mins.