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Form Layouts, Layout Rules & Record Templates

Workbooks Mobile has been designed with smaller screens in mind and thus it's possible to create a Form Layout on the Workbooks Desktop that is then displayed only on the mobile device. Mobile Form Layouts can only support one column due to the screen size that these Layouts will typically be displayed on.

A default Mobile Form Layout should exist on your database already which can be changed to suit your needs or you can create a new one. If you decide to do this, you should set the Prefer For field to Mobile Phone and remember to also tick the Published checkbox:

Mobile form layout

More information on creating Form Layouts can be found here. Currently, you are unable to display iFrame fields as tabs or on the main form. URL fields are also unsupported.

If there are Layout Rules applied to your Desktop Form Layouts, then these will take precedence over any Mobile Form Layouts. Thus, when a Form Layout for Mobile is created, include any Layout Rules as per the Desktop version so the correct one is displayed.

Record Templates can also be used on Workbooks Mobile. The Record Template will only be available if the Use on Mobile App and Published checkboxes have been ticked on the Record Template configuration screen:

New record template

Mobile format

NOTE: If the Use on Mobile App box is not set, you will be taken straight to a blank record rather than seeing the screen above.

Google Maps

Workbooks Mobile allows you to use Google Maps from a Person or Organisation record. If you've entered in a valid address, tap the blue highlighted text to reveal the location on a map.

Mobile address


Mobile map

From here, you can tap Open in Maps App to open in a navigation app and get directions to that location.

Dashboards & Reports

Reports are read-only on Workbooks Mobile and must be placed onto a Dashboard before you can view them in the app. When a Dashboard is opened, you will be presented with a list of reports and charts on that Dashboard, tap each one to view it. The Workbooks Mobile app also supports totals on reports, so it is still possible to access the same information as you can on the Desktop.

Report summary


Activity Summary

It's currently not possible to filter the results that are returned. You can use pinch zoom in/out as you can with other mobile applications.

Other Information

  • Sales Leads
    At present, it isn't possible to use the Save and Convert feature from a Sales Lead to convert to an Opportunity, Person or Organisation. You should do this from the Workbooks Desktop. It will then be possible to view/modify the created records in the normal manner.
  • Email
    It is possible to send email from the Workbooks Mobile app as per the Workbooks Desktop. The app will use your default mail client installed on the mobile device. It is not possible to attach files to these emails. If you have a Workbooks Dropbox configured, this will automatically be added in the BCC field.
  • Notes
    You can create and edit notes as per the Workbooks Desktop, however, you are unable to view existing or create new attachments
  • Meetings and Tasks
    The recurring meetings, all day meetings and attendees functionality are not included on these Record Types.
  • Transaction Documents
    The document header of Opportunities, Quotations, Orders, Invoices, Credit Notes, Contracts and Supplier Orders can be edited but Line Items are currently Read Only. The Line Item fields that are shown depend on the Show/Hide option you have chosen; if you do not want a field to show you must choose 'No (Disabled)' rather than 'No (Hidden)'.
  • Products
    Product records are not accessible.
  • Marketing Campaigns
    These are not currently displayed in the mobile app and thus are not accessible as a tab from a Person or Sales Lead record.
  • Process Automation
    Process Automation buttons are not available on the Workbooks Mobile app including if they have been configured to run on save. Scheduled Processes will continue to run from the Desktop as normal along with On Change processes. Report Processes are also not available as Reports are read only.
  • Click-to-call
    Click to call functionality is available from anywhere in your Workbooks database where the field's data-type is set to phone number. Simply tap on the number to make your phone dial the number stored. You should be prompted to accept the action prior to your phone dialling out.

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