Smart Forms can be added into Popups

This will make capturing prospect data even easier for you and your prospects, who won’t have to make as many clicks to complete an action.  Data collected on the forms will be pushed back into GatorLeads.  You could use a Popup to promote Newsletter sign ups, or to receive more information about an event you’re hosting.

New Vertical Menu

Menus for GatorMail, Workflow and Leads have all been updated so now appear on the left-hand side of the screen.  This makes navigation easier and gives you more editing space on the right for your creatives.

Improved GatorCreator Interface

The interface has been cleaned up to, with a more modern feel and making it easier to find different styling controls.

Calendar Invites

It’s now possible to create calendar links within GatorCreator, making it much easier for your contact to download and save calendar events.

GatorCreator Custom Blocks

The array of custom blocks available for use within GatorCreator has been greatly increased, giving you greater flexibility to create bespoke layouts.

Integration Enhancements

Smart Forms will now pass all the fields on the form (field title and answer) into Workbooks, where they’ll be stored on the Online Activity record in JSON format.  This is useful when you want to capture information on a form but don’t necessarily want it to populate fields on the Lead or Person record in Workbooks.  The information is still accessible on the Online Activity and, if required, automations can be set up to push this data onto different records in Workbooks.

Smart Forms will now also pass in the UTM values onto the online activity record.  This was already occurring for Page Views and Downloads, but not for information being passed in by a Smart Form.  This gives marketeers visibility of the most recently marketing activity driving the conversion into a form, so very useful indeed.

If you want to learn more about this release or any Spotler products contact us.