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People on your website with closed Opportunities

Greta (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2017-05-08 12:55

Prerequisite: This report uses the Web Insights module, and will not work if you’re not licenced to for this feature. Your system administrator will be able to confirm if you have this extension.


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This forum post explains how to build a report that displays People who have been on your website recently and have a closed Opportunity e.g. maybe a deal has been lost recently, but a Person or People from the Prospective Customer are still active on your website:


It’s sensible to analyse why deals (Opportunities) are being lost. Why was the deal lost? Price, timescale, feature etc. Who did you lose the deal to (which competitor)? Understanding this helps you reduce the number of deals lost in the future. In addition, even if a deal is lost it’s very interesting to see if a Person from a lost deal has been visiting your website since the Opportunity was lost, because this indicates that they may again be interested (maybe something has changed since you last had contact with them). This report can be used by Sales Reps to re-open closed Opportunities and bring them back into your active sales pipeline.

If you work with a large volume of opportunities you can display key columns e.g. Amount to help your Sales team prioritise which Opportunities should be followed-up on first.


How do I create this report?


Step 1. Create the Report using a Template Report


We’ve provided a Template Report (Template - People on your website with closed Opportunities).  All you need to do is use the template as a starting point.


  1. Start > New > Report > select “Create a report from a template report

  2. Select the “Template - People on your website with closed Opportunities” template

  3. Give the report a suitable name and description on the Main tab of the report editor and click Save.


Step 2. Add Custom Web Insights Fields


On the Details tab, add the Custom Web Insights fields which were created by the plug-in during first setup of Web Insights. These are:


  • Insights 30 Days Score

  • Insights 7 Days Score

  • Insights Last Visit

  • Insights Revenue

  • Insights Total Score


You may want to change the order of the columns in the report so they are displayed to your preference.


Step 3: Add the criterion ‘Insights last visit is not blank’


To exclude any People who haven’t been on your website, you should add the criterion ‘Insights last visit is not blank’.



Step 4. Add a calculated column to show whether the Person has been on your website since the Opportunity has been closed


Add a Calculated Column and use the formula below to show you if the person has visited your website since the related Opportunity was closed.


IF(cf_person_insights_last_visit > opportunities.close_date,1,0)



Using the Advanced tab, you should also select Display as checkbox. This will show a tick in the box if the output of the IF statement  is 1 and an empty checkbox if the output is 0.


Step 4: Share this Report with those that will be using it.

By default, the report will only be shared with the Users that are a member of the System User Group. To share with a wider audience, use the padlock icon in the top right corner of the report editor. You can find more information at Sharing Reports page.