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Webinar Portal - Customising the Portal

Alix (Workbooks Online) Posted: 2017-11-22 12:26

You can customise the Webinar Portal at any time, using the Web Process parameters. Go to Start > Configuration > Automation > Processes > Web Processes and open the Webinar Portal process. On the 'Parameters' tab, you will see the following parameters, which can be edited to change the look of the Portal:

  • additional_registration_message - This parameter controls text that you would like to appear under the Registration button on an Upcoming Webinar. If left blank, it will display the default:


    If this doesn't work for you, perhaps because you do not record your Webinars, you can use this parameter to show your own text. This must be entered in HTML format, e.g.

    <h4>Unable to attend?</h4><p>Some of our Webinars get recorded.</p><p>Check the Previous Webinars section later to obtain a link to the recording.</p>


  • company_logo - This parameter controls the image that displays in the top left of the Webinar Portal. Add in the url for your company logo. It is best for this logo to be hosted in the Workbooks Upload Library - if you are hosting it here, ensure that the 'Public Resource' checkbox is set to true.
  • company_name - This parameter controls how your company name is displayed on the Webinar Portal. 

  • company_website - This parameter controls the web page that portal users will be redirected to if they click on your company logo.
  • default_speaker_image - If you have a default image that you would like to show when no Speaker image has been provided, provide the url in this parameter. If you do not have one, you can use which is the Workbooks Person Icon:

    Workbooks Person icon‚Äč