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Report to see who is opening Spotler emails regularly

Simone Posted: 2022-08-15 19:11

I would like to run a report that shows me people who have 'clicked through' to our website as the result of a Spotler email 3 or more times within the last 8 months. Ideally I would like to see which links they have clicked through too but more important is to get a report of People who are interacting with our marketing campaigns. Thanks for help in advance

Robert (Workbooks Online) Posted: Tue, 16.08.2022 - 11:51

Hi Simone, 

A Report like this is extremely useful for tracking the effectiveness of your Campaigns and identifying users that are engaging with your marketing. 

To start, I would recommend making a new Report based on Online Activities with Columns that pull through something unique like the Person Reference, the corresponding Person name, and the Online Activity Type. Adding the Mailshot name here is also useful in identifying where the User's interaction originated from. As you mentioned you wish to only look at specific data set, some Criteria will be required. Restricting the data to only look for 'Online Activity = "Click Through"' and 'Occurred at = "in this and the last 9 months"', will serve to not only show relevant information, but also optimize the Report's performance.

Finally, you will need to install a Summary view that groups by the unique person reference and displays other relevant information with a count of the Click Throughs for each user. You can then choose to only show People that have had a total of more than 3 clicks via the Criteria in this Summary tab to achieve the desired outcome.

I have created a Report (RPT-315) within your database that achieves this outcome, but I can appreciate the dataset could be considered relatively limited. Fortunately, Workbooks offers a plethora of tools to manage and manipulate data in a way to return a variety of useful results.

With regards to this, I have created a second Report (RPT-316) that shows a number of useful calculated columns that can further be used to measure the success of your marketing campaigns - so feel free to have a play with that.

Either way, these two Reports serve as a great foundation to build on in terms of tracking any marketing you wish to pursue. I'll follow up with an email just to answer any questions you may have on the Reports themselves or how they could further be developed.

Kind Regards,

Robert Hull

Customer Support Analyst 

Simone Posted: Thu, 18.08.2022 - 09:50

Thanks so much Robert - you are a star!