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Workbooks Developer Training Slides

Workbooks Developer training slides are here in PDF and here in Powerpoint formats.


Workbooks API Training Presentation

We've put together a series of videos that provide you with a comprehensive guide to the Workbooks API and process engine.

If you think you might want to watch all the videos, click here to go straight to the YouTube playlist we've created.


Workbooks API 1: Introduction to the Workbooks API

Approx 10 mins

This introduces the Workbooks API and how to use the Workbooks Process Engine. Other videos in the series go into more detail and show how to use these; this is an introduction.




Workbooks API 2: Choosing how to use the Workbooks API

Approx 10 mins

This video covers two topics; 1. How to call the API: Wire Protocol or Binding? 2. How to call the API: Where to run your code?



Workbooks API 3: The Workbooks Process Engine and Hello World

Approx 10 mins

This video introduces the Workbooks Process Engine and takes you as far as the "Hello World" stage.


Workbooks API 4: Workbooks Process Engine - Hello Name

Approx 18 mins

A brief introduction to using PHP within the Workbooks process engine, showing how to test a process engine script and how to run it within a Web Process.


Workbooks API 5: Workbooks Script Runtime Environment

Approx 7 mins

An overview of the runtime environment for your Workbooks script.


Workbooks API 6: Workbooks API GET records

Approx 10 mins

This video looks at using the Workbooks API to retrieve records - limit, sort, filter, response format.


Workbooks API 7: Workbooks API more on GET, logging and Metadata

Approx 9 mins

This video features more about fetching data from Workbooks.


Workbooks API 8: Workbooks API create and update records

Approx 10 mins

This video looks at how to create and update records in the Workbooks API. It introduces the concept of a lock_version.


Workbooks API 9: Workbooks API delete, send email, api data, and other techniques

Approx 8 mins

This video looks at deleting records in Workbooks, how to send email, more on filtering records and how to use API Data to save state using a 'checkpoint' technique to handle long-running scheduled tasks.


Workbooks API 10: Workbooks Processes and how they work

Approx 38 mins

This video is all about Workbooks Processes - Scheduled, Web and Process Buttons. See the powerpoint presentation for more information about the agenda.