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Identify recurring issues

‘Slice and dice’ your customer service data and get insight into recurring problems. Use the insight to deal with the source of the issues.

Workbooks gives you MORE.

More clarity.
More insight.
More satisfaction.

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Drive business improvement with information and insight from Workbooks:

  • Get instant notifications if customer experience falls below where it should be with automatic alerts
  • Get the insights you need to spot patterns and recurring issues by reporting on the key metrics for your business
  • Intervene immediately to resolve issues by seeing at-a-glance how many customers are having problems with products, services or billing
  • Make your support function far more efficient and drive an improved customer experience
  • Inform and influence the product roadmap strategy by gathering insights from customer engagement
  • Drive better engagement and help support business strategic decisions by providing your sales and marketing teams with insights including aggregated feedback, customer preferences, and performance against service level agreements

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