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Configure which currencies to use, define exchange rates and periods. Select a home currency for global consolidation. Easily configure different rules and tax schemes for each legal entity and ensure compliance.

Workbooks gives you MORE.

More visibility.
More productivity.
More compliance.

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Provide a seamless service to both your local or international customers when you pre-configure currency, tax or legal requirements in Workbooks:

  • Show local currency with up-to-date exchange rates
  • Automatically adapt all contracts and activities for local rules and tax laws with pre-set rules and currencies within the platform
  • Make reporting at a global level easy with local and home currencies available for each quote, contract, order and invoice
  • Review pipeline and sales revenue for a country, across a region or globally with a single click
  • Remove the complexity which can be associated with working with overseas customers whilst delivering the compliance and seamless service those customers expect
  • Give overseas customers global visibility into their sales activity and performance

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