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crm for subscription based business
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With Workbooks CRM, you can manage the entire subscription process, from marketing your subscription options, to registering interest, to payment and fulfilment. Workbooks CRM helps you generate subscription leads, nurture those leads and subsequently manage the entire sales process all the way to completion. You can log orders, invoice subscriptions or take payment online, and you can easily synchronise the information with your finance system.

Once the subscription is confirmed, you can automate fulfilment using workflows and processes, ensuring the best customer experience possible. Managing the renewal process is simple too: automation can trigger reminders to inform customers that their subscription is coming to an end. Activities such as phone calls can be scheduled for your renewal team to chase those customers who have not yet renewed. Marketing campaigns can be sent to re-engaged lapsed subscribers. And with real time information about the renewal status, you know where your team should focus and prioritise and you can make better business decisions.