Looking for Salesforce alternatives? Get more for your money with Workbooks

Would you be interested in saving 50-70% on your CRM license costs whilst benefiting from additional functionality? That sounds like a ‘no brainer’ right?  Solutions from large vendors like Salesforce or Microsoft aren’t always the best fit. We’ve moved many customers to Workbooks from Salesforce and here are some of the reasons why.

Salesforce alternatives – More than just CRM

With Workbooks you can integrate your sales, marketing, customer support and finance teams into one platform, providing a true 360 degree view of your customers.

The Workbooks CRM Editions provide you with the tools you need to increase sales, improve marketing and provide better customer support. Our Business Editions go beyond the usual realm of ‘CRM’ to incorporate sales order management, invoicing and contract management. Workbooks also includes a powerful quotation tool as part of its standard functionality without the need for a third party plug-in. Workbooks also offer a Marketing Automation module fully integrated within its CRM core.

With access to all of your customer data in real time you can make better business decisions, more quickly.

Reduced license costs

Workbooks could save you up 50-70% on license costs and you won’t be making any compromises in terms of functionality. If your requirements are primarily for a CRM system, then the Workbooks CRM Edition is £21 per user per month, which is significantly less expensive than Salesforce. Alternatively, the Workbooks Business Edition, which includes order management and invoicing functionality that is not available with Salesforce, is only £46 per user per month.

What’s more, with Workbooks, you can mix and match the CRM Editions with the Business Editions. Unlike Salesforce, there is no need to upgrade all your users to the more expensive edition just because you would like one or two users to be upgraded.

Easy migration

You’ll struggle to find an easier Salesforce alternative than Workbooks when it comes to migration. With our proven migration path, moving your data into Workbooks CRM becomes easy and pain free. Workbooks has a powerful importing tool, making the mapping of data straightforward and allowing customers to import all record types.

Customisation at the click of a button

The Workbooks customisation and configuration tools enable you to tailor the system to meet your needs. At the click of a button you can add custom fields or amend workflows, enabling your team to achieve greater productivity and empowering you to capture the information relevant to your business, no matter how unique.

The complete package: the software, the implementation services and the on-going support

For many customers, the level of support they have received from Salesforce was the driver to switch.

At Workbooks we provide you with the software, implementation services and on-going support you need to make your CRM project a success. By only dealing with one vendor, you can rest assured that we will get you up and running quickly and ensure that you get real value over the long term.

CRM on the go

Just like Salesforce, Workbooks is a cloud based CRM solution, enabling your employees to work remotely. Whether you’re on the road, in a customer meeting, working from home or at the office, you can log in anytime and access the full range of CRM functionality. With Workbooks there is built-in mobile access as standard; including iPhone and Android access.

Guaranteed Levels of Service and Security

At Workbooks.com we guarantee your applications will be available 99.5% of the time. We are a UK based vendor and can guarantee that your data is held in our UK data centres and is protected with strong data encryption, firewalls and a first class security infrastructure.

High levels of customer satisfaction and user adoption

At Workbooks, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have a lot of happy customers who report high levels of user adoption and success rates. In the CRM analysis carried out by G2.com, a challenger to the Gartner ‘magic quadrant’ based on users feedback, Workbooks comes out ahead of some of the larger brand names, including Salesforce, in a number of categories.

On-going communication and product development

Our product is undergoing constant development by our in-house team of engineers. Importantly, we provide a forum for our users to suggest ideas for new functionality and vote on which ideas they like best. After all, in many cases our customers have the best ideas on how to improve Workbooks.

Complete head-to-head comparison

We’ve gone head-to-head against SalesForce with our new comparison table. To see what those differences are, please visit: SalesForce.com vs Workbooks CRM comparison table.