putting-the-customer-at-the-heart-of-customer-service-blog.pngIs customer service the weak link in your business model? Why create a slick and sophisticated sales and marketing model to acquire customers, only to lose them as a result of a bad customer services experience? Good customer service is essential to:


  • Improve retention rates.
  • Ensure customers make the best use of a product or service.
  • Identify opportunities for cross-selling or up-selling, especially for consultancy or professional services.

An effective CRM should be at the heart of all of these activities – but how many organisations regard the CRM as nothing more than an unsophisticated way of recording customer data? Can customer services use the CRM to:

  • Prioritise cases based on actual customer demands?
  • Monitor performance in real time?
  • Identify bottlenecks?
  • Inform on-going product development?
  • Deliver measurable business value?

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