marketing-activities.pngNot only does creating activities in Workbooks allow you to monitor interactions with people and organisations, but they can also be used to monitor the performance of your marketing team (or any team for that matter).

You can use the Type field within an activity record to group together your marketing activities. For example you could add a Picklist value called Marketing General and another called Marketing Deliverable.  When your marketing team creates an activity they can mark up the activity as either Marketing General (for general tasks), or Marketing Deliverable (for important deliverables such email campaign releases or product updates etc.)

You can then report on your marketing team’s activities by using a filter of Type contains Marketing. You will then only see activities relevant to your team. By utilising filters in Workbooks you can view marketing activities that have a particular record state e.g. open or closed. You can then create different viewsdepending on the information you would like to see; you could have a view for activities completed last week, and another view for activities due this week.

You could create activity reports and add them to your Marketing Dashboard so at a glance you can quickly see a snapshot of your team’s workload. You can use these reports and dashboards to manage your team more effectively see if the workload is spread out equally between your team members, if the workload is manageable and if everyone is performing well. is recommended that you review these activities with your team regularly (e.g. at a weekly marketing meeting) so that you can monitor last week’s performance as well as manage the current workload and re-organise priorities if necessary. This will help your team to ensure they are accountable as well as improve communication to make sure you are working towards the same goal.

This improved communication can be extended to other teams within an organisation. Do you ever hear sales executives asking ‘Did an email campaign go out today? or What was in the offer you released last week? or  What are you doing to bring in more leads? Typically you find that either marketing do not communicate what they are doing within the organisation or they spend an inordinate amount of time sending emails to update people, which often get ignored or filed away and you end up getting asked the same questions over and over again.

It is much better practice to have this information stored in an accessible place. A better way of communicating what marketing are delivering would be to use your CRM. You can set up a view under activities that just contains all of your marketing deliverables. To do this you filter the activity where Type equals Marketing Deliverable. You can view this as a list or in calendar format so any time people in your organisation want to know what is going on in marketing they can look at this view to see when a campaign has been released or a product update has been announced etc.

This saves your team time from the administrative burden of sending email updates, encourages your organisation to use your CRM, and ultimately improves team performance and communication.