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A Software-as-a-Service pioneer, John Cheney launched one of the first software as a service companies back in the late 1990s. He is a successful entrepreneur with over thirty years experience in the IT industry; twenty of which have been running IT companies in Europe and North America.

How to make your advertising sales team more effective


And why integration is key The last ten years has been the era of diversification in the publishing industry, as the way audiences consume content has evolved and companies’ advertising requirements have changed. Initially, many publishers started to ‘bleed [...]

How to make your advertising sales team more effective2020-04-15T10:54:13+01:00

6 Reasons to Integrate CRM & ERP


Many organisations think that if they have an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system they don’t need a CRM platform. In fact they are two quite distinct systems, serving specific purposes and delivering specific outcomes… Manufacturers need both – and [...]

6 Reasons to Integrate CRM & ERP2020-04-03T15:39:19+01:00

Membership CRM for Trade Associations and Membership


A next-generation system that gives you more than just membership managementWorkbooks extends beyond CRM to support the membership management and commercial activities of Trade Associations and Membership Organisations.Keep your data current, improve member communication, manage the commercial activities of your [...]

Membership CRM for Trade Associations and Membership2020-04-16T15:15:13+01:00