The Media & Publishing industry is in a state of transformation, with new players continuously entering the market, leaving consumers spoiled for choice. Digital transformation is empowering publishers to be responsive in a demanding market place.

The keys to driving subscriptions, content engagement, advertising revenue and ultimately growth in this industry is changing, and to compete and stay relevant, organisations must evolve and leverage the right technology.


Imagine having a true 360-degree view of your audience and knowing who the key segments are, how they engage with your content, what they want, when and how they want it?

Using Workbooks CRM, you can manage your audience efficiently and effectively and get the insight you need to be able to develop a true data-driven strategy for your business, for both your subscribers and your advertisers. You can easily monetise products and services and you can expand your revenue stream across all your properties and brands.

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ATG Media

“Workbooks provides us with the ability to manage our sales order processing from within CRM. The whole team can access order details and can monitor order fulfillment and it is invaluable that this data is held within the sales system that we use to manage our  database of contacts, our sales pipeline and our invoices.”

Simon Berti, Sales Director


Whether you are offering free or paid-for subscriptions, you need to ensure that your process for managing subscriptions works, is efficient and does not put too much pressure on resources, and that the experience is seamless for the end-user.

With Workbooks CRM, you can manage the entire subscription process, from marketing your subscriptions options, to registering interest, to payment and fulfilment. Workbooks CRM helps you generate subscription leads, nurture those leads and subsequently manage the entire sales process all the way to completion. You can log orders, invoice subscriptions or take payment online, and you can easily synchronise the information with your finance system.  Once the subscription is confirmed, you can automate fulfilment using workflows and processes, ensuring the best customer experience possible. Managing the renewal process is simple too: automation can trigger reminders to inform customers that their subscriptions is coming to an end. Activities such as phone calls can be scheduled for your renewal team to chase those customers who have not yet renewed. Marketing campaigns can be sent to re-engaged lapsed subscribers. And with real time information about the renewal status, you know where you team should focus and prioritise and you can make better business decisions.


Advertising and sponsorship are a big revenue stream for Media & Publishing firms.

Your eco-system is complex. It includes your subscribers/audience on one side, and on the other individuals across various businesses from advertising brands (your end-client), advertising agencies and media buyers. Keeping track of the relationships between each of those and how they are connected can be a real challenge. Workbooks CRM can easily support such complexity and provide you with the right, accurate information at your fingertips. With Workbooks CRM, every department – from marketing to sales to delivery team – has access to the relevant data in real time, to collaborate and grow revenue efficiently.

With Workbooks CRM, you have all of the tools you need to drive execution excellence and implement best practices across your entire sales team. Visibility of what advertising spaces are still available (inventory) is just a click away – so you can optimise your advertising sales effort. Order management, commissions and discount management, contracts, invoices etc. and after-sales service can be easily managed within Workbooks CRM too, reducing operational overhead and human error and ensuring advertisers get what they ordered. In a nutshell, you can streamline your operations and drive efficiency throughout the entire ‘lead to cash’ process and ensure you deliver a superior experience for your advertisers and sponsors.

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How CRM can help Media & Publishing organisations adapt to the changes?


Many publishers run conferences and events for their captive audience, which adds another stream of revenue to their business. The management of events involves selling delegate tickets, recruiting sponsors, taking payment and invoicing, as well as planning and running the events themselves.

Once again Workbooks CRM offer a range of functionalities that support the effective management of events. Using Workbooks, you can manage live conferences, including sessions, speakers, sponsors, delegates, communications, online registrations, product bundles, online payment etc.  You have real-time information about who has been marketed to, who has registered, how well an event is doing in terms of delegate revenue and sponsorship revenue. You can easily track your yield: how much are you getting per square metre of exhibition space, how much per delegate etc. Over time,  you can compare year-on-year performance, change course or make informed decisions re future directions.

No need to integrate a third-party event management tool to your CRM anymore – you have everything available on one single platform – saving you time and money.


Workbooks CRM allows Media & Publishing companies to thrive by enabling operational excellence, enabling them to manage their audience efficiently and effectively and substantially drive growth across all revenue streams. With Workbooks CRM, you can deepen your audience engagement, whatever the channels, and drive value for all your customers.


LAW BUSINESS RESEARCH had over 400 data sources which made it difficult to interrogate and report on which led to the team needing a solution that would enable them to have a holistic view of their data.

By using Workbooks CRM, LBR benefit from easier reporting, achieving the single customer view, quicker on-boarding of new starters and saw an increase in leads by 240% and conversions by 130%.



INFOPRO DIGITAL needed a solution to record complex relationships in order to have a clear overview of all interactions with their prospects. Keeping information in spreadsheets led to duplication of data and in some cases contradicting communications.

Workbooks CRM provided them with a flexible product that allowed them to customise how they capture data allowing them to make informed decisions to drive business success.



  • A full 360 degree view of your audience, across all your brands
  • Track behaviour of your audience at a granular level, understand how they interact with your content to inform your editorial and commercial strategy
  • Better segmentation
  • Run effective campaigns to your audience for higher engagement
  • Detect change in audience behaviour to trigger targeted campaigns
  • Deliver highly personalised content to your audience
  • Greater visibility and better decision making
  • Improve and automate your subscription processes for greater efficiency and better customer experience
  • Keep renewal rate high
  • Drive timely and effective campaigns to encourage subscriptions and renewals
  • Cross-sell to your existing customers across brands
  • Real-time performance tracking against targets
  • Grow your advertising revenue and save time
  • Improve your sales process end-to-end, from selling to processing orders to delivering on the orders, invoicing etc.
  • Follow-up leads quickly
  • Drive excellence across your sales team and increase productivity
  • Track sales discussions and outstanding proposals
  • Full inventory management to optimise sales efforts
  • Effectively manage multiple discount levels
  • Track sales performance against target in real-time
  • Deep customer insights enabling sales to close deals faster
  • Improve your event uptake
  • Segment your audience so that you reach your desired target personas
  • Automate processes from selling tickets and sponsorships, to invoicing and payment receipt, to generating tickets etc.
  • Enable delegate self-service through online booking and payment
  • Manage all operational aspects from a single unified view
  • Manage all stakeholders (sponsors, delegates, suppliers, speakers etc) information and drive engagement –  in one place
  • Efficiently manage and sell both delegate and sponsorship packages
  • Real-time tracking of registrations / attendees / sponsors against targets


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