Medtech Manufacturers face a host of challenges, ranging from the impact on demand of the COVID-19 crisis to the emergence of overseas low-cost competitors. These ever-changing and challenging market conditions are driving businesses to look for new ways to build resilience, through the introduction of new working practice and the adoption of technology.

CRM is a critical enabler of this strategy as it can deliver deep insights from both sales and production data, which can help you identify trends, learn more about customer priorities and inform future product and service offerings.
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A growing number of Medtech manufacturers are turning to CRM technology in particular, in the search for continued growth through:

  • more effective sales and marketing
  • cost reduction with greater operational efficiency through better project on-boarding and capacity planning
  • improved customer satisfaction through integrated tools/processes in service channels
  • improved collaboration and decision making throughout the business

Our new whitepaper ‘The New Manufacturing” explores how you can build resilience and drive revenue.