This post details how Workbooks are set to deal with the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

In the event that Workbooks is affected by COVID-19, we have business continuity measures in place to ensure that our service continues to be of the highest standard.

All of our staff are able to perform their roles remotely, with access to the business systems they need such as Workbooks, email systems, telephones and other core business platforms. We have issued guidance to all staff to that effect. In the event some members of staff are ill and unable to work, we have enough staff contingency to continue to meet our contractual obligations and deliver the high quality of service our clients expect.

Our business continuity plan is audited as part of our ISO27001 certification and our most recent test was run successfully in January 2020.

In addition, we have assessed the capabilities of our core suppliers and feel confident that they have taken adequate measures to ensure there will be no issues. Our list of sub-contractors and sub-processors are documented in the legal section on our website:

Workbooks are continuing to monitor the situation of the virus as it develops. Our annual customer conference scheduled for April 28th in London is still happening and we are looking at ways to stream the content should this precaution need to be taken. There is currently no plan to cancel the event, unless advised by Public Health England.

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