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Organizing marketing and sales leads is a perennial problem. Over time databases grow and grow until they reach a point where they’re unwieldy and unmanageable. The number of data fields expands and records get duplicated – both bringing significant issues – but there is also the issue of prioritization, ensuring no opportunities are missed.

Workbooks CRM can help you manage your leads effectively.

  • Score leads based on specific attributes that you determine.

  • Motivate your teams by prioritizing leads most likely to convert into an opportunity.

  • Capture relevant information such as source, size, industry sector, areas of interest.

  • Report on Leads requiring attention (e.g. any Leads that haven’t been updated within ‘x’ days or Leads that do not have an open activity related to them).

  • Track the ROI of your Leads by source or campaign.

  • Automate Lead allocation to sales people/teams.

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Which leads to target first? Spending time on leads that aren’t right or aren’t ready is a waste of resources. Spending time reading through each lead individually is also highly inefficient. Which leads will respond to the marketing message you’re pushing now? If you can send communications to the ones most likely to respond you’ll achieve greater returns and alienate fewer prospects with irrelevant marketing. Which leads haven’t been contacted for too long? On these sprawling, unstructured databases, hot leads get missed and sales are lost.

CRM from Workbooks provides answers to all these questions. It allows you to organise, manage and score your leads so your marketing and sales teams are always prioritising their activities based on intelligence.

By recording historical data on which specific leads respond to which campaigns or through which channels, you have specific intelligence to inform future engagement with those leads. More than this though, you can also segment by factors such as source of lead, size, industry sector, and areas of interest to prioritize fresh leads based on how other similar companies have responded.

You can easily develop lead scoring so that your activity is focused on the prospects you know are most likely to convert. Contention between marketing and sales teams is often lead quality. With no system in place, marketers are left having to pass over every lead that comes along. This can lead to frustration, and often ends with marketing-generated leads being dismissed.

With Workbooks CRM, you can automatically score (engagement / interest level) and grade (demographics / fit your ideal prospect profile) leads so that only the most qualified get passed to sales. Once a lead reaches the agreed threshold, leads can be assigned to the right sales reps automatically, based on the logic set up in the system. This cuts down on manual processes and ensures that lead assignment is fair, efficient, and effective.

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