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Workbooks CPQ enables organizations to simplify and automate complex quotation processes, empowering sales teams to build quotations quickly and accurately, using a guided quotation process.

Workbooks CPQ is a new module in the Workbooks Suite and incorporates technology from BlueprintCPQ, a market leading cloud vendor of Configure, Price, Quote software. Workbooks CPQ is fully integrated into the Workbooks platform, enabling you to manage complex pricing and configuration from Opportunities, Quotations or Order records

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WOrkbooks CPQ

Guided Selling

You can create tailored quotation screens to simplify and drive consistency across the quoting process, capturing key configuration questions and options.

Guided selling allows you to move away from pricing catalogues, product codes and options. It also enables quick and easy on-boarding of new sales people whilst allowing sales teams to focus on what they do best i.e. selling.

Product & Pricing

You can manage your products and pricing directly in the CPQ solution. Workbooks CPQ supports the concept of different pricing books and pricing rules. The combination of these features allows you to support common pricing requirements such as: Volume based pricing, bundle pricing, customer specific pricing, regional pricing, channel pricing, etc.

It is also possible to integrate Workbooks CPQ with your ERP, Finance or E-commerce platform, enabling you to synchronize pricing and product information with other systems within your business.

Configuration Management

You can guide your sales teams through the process of selecting the right combination of products and options, using configurable items – ensuring only the right configuration options are available. For example, you can define rules to cater for the following logic: Red cables can come with 2 types of connector (round or square), but Blue cables come with 3 options (round, square or hexagonal). However Red cables can only support hexagonal connectors if the cable is over 3 meters long. Configuration items allow you to also define mandatory items, so you could define a rule that says 3-meter-long Red cables must include an additional charge for a custom build.

Workbooks CPQ’s rich set of rules allows you to cater for even the most complex configurations with ease. Rules and calculations are stored in one place for use wherever they are needed, including your website for example.

Product and Bill of Materials

Workbooks CPQ enables you to create Products and a Bill of Materials at the same time, allowing you to present a simplified product offering to your clients, whilst maintaining a comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM) to support your manufacturing or delivery processes.

No code and Low Administration

You can build screens and workflows using a WYSIWIG editor and build your pricing and configuration rules using screens and options. It is that easy. However if you have very complex requirements, these can be implemented by the Workbooks professional services team.

Integration with Third-Party Systems

Workbooks CPQ can be integrated directly with your other business applications such as ERP, E-commerce or Accounting systems. This enables you to push or pull product and pricing information to support your sales processes. It can also be used to push through orders and bill of materials into the manufacturing process – driving


Increased quoting capacity

Faster quoting means that more quotes can be produced. Employing a rules-based structure enables more people to create accurate quotes – no matter how complex. Reliance on key personnel is removed, and quote revisions can be delivered to clients fast.

Zero errors and omissions

Only saleable products and agreed feature combinations are quoted. No more incorrect or out of date prices are used. No more currency or price book errors are made. And with a guided buying approach, your sales teams are directed to maximize sales order value.

Sales teams operational 24/7

Travelling time need no longer be dead time. When quotes are prepared during a sales call, more deals are closed. And by converting a quote to an order without delay, initial client relationships are positively established.

Channel partners and communities collaborate

Enable your channel partners to accurately produce quotations. Communicate your promotions and deals accurately. Empower partners’ sales teams, and make them part of your sales team. Ensure that the orders which they place for configured products are accurate and visible within your forecasts.

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