Project Description

google docs integration

Google Docs is a cloud-based productivity suite that enables your team to create, access and share documents online, from anywhere.

The Workbooks integration with Google Docs enables you to seamlessly create Google docs – including spreadsheets, word documents and presentations – from within Workbooks, and link these to specific records. Workbooks users can easily view, share and download Google Docs that relate to particular records within Workbooks, providing you with a single database from which to view your CRM records and Google Docs.

Users are also able to merge content from Workbooks records straight into a Google Doc by using simple merge fields. This provides you with the flexibility to create HTML templates for nearly every type of record, including a quotation document, a letter, or even orders and invoices.

To find out more about how you can integrate your Workbooks CRM with Google Docs, click here or here.