Project Description


Rotary Corporation, the world’s largest supplier of outdoor power equipment parts and tools, has chosen Workbooks CRM to enhance its operations, to improve collaboration between teams and reduce costs.

Rotary had been using Salesforce for the past nine years, however due to continuous fee increases, the business believed it would be more economically beneficial to search for a new solution. After conducting an online search, four software companies were shortlisted. All vendors were invited to present how their solution could work for Rotary.

Chris Roessler, Vice President of Marketing and Advertising at Rotary explains: “We knew from the get-go that Workbooks was the one… Workbooks was more flexible and would allow us to work the way we wanted to”. Chris adds that “other companies were just focused on the platform and functionalities they had already built, whilst Workbooks was dedicated to tailoring the software around Rotary’s specific business needs. Workbooks invested the time to understand our challenges and pain points. This allowed them to present a much more tailored solution. We felt confident that Workbooks would deliver and help us achieve the outcomes we wanted for the business.”

Rotary was impressed by Workbooks’ commitment to work with their tight deadlines, with training at the end of February and going live in March. Chris comments that it was “phenomenal to accomplish this in a timeframe that worked for us”; with Spring and Summer being its busiest times of year, Rotary wanted the platform in place by then.

Workbooks ran three training sessions over three days with the sales team, who went on to train others in the business. Feedback from the team has been incredibly positive, highlighting the ease of use of the system.

Rotary has 101 Workbooks users across the following departments: new products, tech support, customer service, credit, purchasing, international sales, sales, sales admin, marketing/advertising – as well as the CEO and CFO. The platform is being used to facilitate the management of sales tax certificate verification and validity, managing special pricing approvals and loyalty scheme membership, as well as integration with ERP, enabling sales reps to have a complete view of customer history and payment status. Additionally, the customer service team is using the software to manage RMAs and technical queries, as well as organizing credit control and new item suggestions. Workbooks has also been successfully integrated with DocuSign, enabling the electronic completion and signature of key business documents, such as tax documents and business contracts.

As a result, users have reported improved communication between teams and an enhanced experience for customers, as key insights are shared across the business.

An immediate benefit Rotary saw was a reduction in cost, with a 50% saving in licence fees from switching vendors.

Rotary is now looking to progress to the next phase with Workbooks’ marketing automation functionality to be implemented across their marketing organization. The business sees a great opportunity to provide marketing materials to their customer base such as sales flyers, new items, contest, spring order discounts in a much more cost effective method. Chris explains, “It is extremely vital to communicate with our customers. Communication is the “KEY”. Workbooks has the solution to allow us to bring more effective marketing to our customers in different territories and in different climates. We can target one area that may be having snow in the northeast with snow blower items while the south may still be having rain and temperatures in the 80’s and they need lawnmower blades”.

Chris concludes by saying Workbooks is a “phenomenal company with wonderful people, whom we have a tremendous relationship with” – a genuine partner to the business.

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