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Sage is best known for its accounting and payroll software. With limited CRM functionalities and individual licenses needed for each area, which can cause costs to quickly rise, Sage is not the right fit for everyone.  The main reasons why customers prefer Workbooks are:

  • Satisfaction:  Workbooks customers are more likely to recommend our platform than Sage.

  • Breadth and depth of functionality: Workbooks core CRM services extend beyond sales, marketing and customer services to include powerful marketing automation,  event management, order management and fulfilment, invoicing and supplier management functionalities.

  • Failed Implementation:  Any CRM solution can be poorly deployed and adopted, Sage is no exception.

  • Vendor Relationship: In the mid-market Sage works through partners; our clients prefer to deal directly with the vendor and not an intermediary.



The Workbooks platform is rated by users higher than Sage for customization, workflow capability, test environment, internationalization, content & document management performance and integration.*

The Workbooks customer support functionality with knowledge base capabilities and call center features rates at least 12 points better than Sage*.

When it comes to email marketing, campaign management, lead management and analytics, SAP doesn’t offer the breadth of features Workbooks does.

Sage is also not as easily customizable to your business needs with its customers only giving the platform a satisfaction score of 74% against a 87% for Workbooks*.

Support & Implementation We develop and implement the software ourselves, ensuring you get value quickly. Our local team of consultants and engineers help make implementation and set-up a fast and smooth process.

Our customers highly value our ‘can do attitude’, and the quality of our support and knowledge base.

Netsuite customers give set-up a satisfaction score of 69% (12 points lower than Workbooks)*. 

The quality of support is rated 21 points lower at Sage than at Workbooks* – a very substantial difference that can dramatically impact your day to day.

Satisfaction / NPS

With the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) at 43 and 85% of our customers likely to recommend Workbooks* your business is in safe hands.

89% of customers are satisfied that Workbooks CRM is going in the right direction* which makes it the future proof choice for your business.

Only 65% of Sage customers would recommend the software which is also reflected in a negative NPS score of -20*; 

Only 45% of Sage customers rate Sage as going in the right direction*. You’re better off investing in a more loved solution.

* G2 CRM Summer report 2019
g2 report 2020

To compare Sage and Workbooks from a user perspective, download the latest G2 CRM report.

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Our customers typically use Workbooks CRM solution for:

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Think switching CRM is a long winded, time consuming and painful process? Then think again. With more and more organisations turning to Workbooks, we have made it easy and risk-free.

We help you crystallise what success looks like for your business. We define your most important outcomes, help set out the best way to achieve those using our platform and scope your project with you. With our proven migration path, moving your data into Workbooks CRM becomes easy and pain free.

And you can tap into our in-depth knowledge, experience and best practices. Workbooks technical architects, engineers and consultants help you build automations and integrations to external systems that fit perfectly around your business processes and help streamline your operations. From training to on-going support, we accompany you, step by step, throughout your entire journey, to ensure that you quickly get and continue getting value.

The buck stops with us! Our mission, is to make you successful, as individuals and as a business.


By using Workbooks award winning CRM you are guaranteed success.

  • NO need to spend hundreds of pounds to cover all your customer-facing departments’ needs. Our licence fee starts at $34 per user per month and most features come straight out-of-the-box to cover marketing, sales, order processing & invoicing and customer support.

  • NO third party influences and no hidden costs during implementation. You can trust our US (Connecticut) based team to help get you up and running and ensure you get value quickly.

  • NO vast amount of training is needed to become an expert. Designed for SMEs, Workbooks CRM is intuitive for fast and wide adoption.

  • NO bother. You know you have made the right choice with Workbooks, the solution with the highest NPS score of all major vendors.

  • You’re NO longer a small fish in a big pond. You have direct access to Workbooks’ executive team and you can influence the product direction and roadmap.


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