CRM for Customer Service

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CRM for Customer Service

CRM has long been recognized as an important tool for customer service, but in today’s world where a growing number of firms are looking for ways to go above and beyond expectations and deliver a great experience, many are looking afresh at their CRM platform.

This report covers how CRM can help you:

  • Manage support tickets, balance workloads and automatically route cases to the agent best qualified to resolve them. 
  • Identify common issues and reduce the burden on customer support teams by providing online self-service.
  • Use reports & dashboards to help you monitor SLAs, handle reviews and increase customer satisfaction. 
  • Provide consistent and useful advice to customers with agents having access to a knowledge bank of information. 
  • Gather insights from customer engagement to improve products and services. 
  • Profile customers using scoring to identify customers at risk or upsell opportunities. 

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