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CRM API - Programmatic Access


The Workbooks CRM API allows developers with basic programming skills to have access to information stored inside Workbooks using a simple, powerful and secure Web Service API. The API allows complete access to the vast majority of Workbooks record types, allowing you to read, create, update and delete records.

Additionally it permits access to searching, metadata about the schema, and a variety of other facilities. The API is built upon the existing security framework within the product, so you can control access through the API in the same way as you control access for your users.

Using the Workbooks Process Engine you can host API scripts within Workbooks itself. The Script Library within Workbooks provides access to Scripts which you can take and add to your own Workbooks database which are run by the Process Engine.

For the majority of users we recommend using PHP scripts within the Workbooks Process Engine. Visit the Workbooks API Training Course page to access a presentation and screencast. The API is not restricted to PHP. We have published "bindings" for PHP, Ruby, .NET (C#) and Java on github at http://github.com/workbooks/client_lib and they are published under the MIT license.

We recommend that you use these bindings rather than making calls directly using the underlying "wire protocol". If you would like to request bindings for other languages, please ask for them in our suggestions section.

Each Workbooks database can have custom record types in addition to standard record types, and each record type can have custom fields in addition to standards fields. The consequence of this is that an integration should use metadata to discover the configuration of the current database unless that integration depends solely on standard fields and record types.

The full API reference for each record type and field is available from within the Workbooks Desktop. Navigate to Configuration > Automation > API Reference.

This is extended regularly as the service is enhanced. Developers in other languages may wish to refer to the specificiation of the Workbooks "wire protocol" which provides details on how the API beneath the bindings works. Check out the Frequently-Asked Questions about the API or take a look at an example Script.