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Workbooks Dropbox and Outlook Connector

Should I use Workbooks Dropbox or Outlook Connector?

Both the Dropbox and the Outlook Connector can be helpful in ensuring important emails are stored in your Workbooks database, attached to the records to which they relate. Which one you choose to use will depend on various factors including the environment in which you're working and the nature of your work. It may be appropriate for some Users to use a mixture of both and for others to stick to using one or the other. The information below may help you decide which will suit you better.

Workbooks Dropbox

  • The Dropbox enables you to attach emails that you've sent from your email client to records in Workbooks.
  • The Dropbox functionality is included as standard in a Workbooks licence.
  • Using the Dropbox isn't limited to just Outlook Users.
  • Each Workbooks User has to set up their own Dropbox.
  • You can attach each email to up to 500 records in Workbooks.
  • In order to attach your email to records in Workbooks (other than the Person/People to whom the email is addressed), you need to know the unique reference number (also called the Object Reference) for those records.
  • Emails forwarded to your Dropbox appear in Workbooks almost instantly.
  • You cannot use the Dropbox to share Tasks and Meetings with Outlook.
  • The Dropbox doesn't run automatically.

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Workbooks Outlook Connector

  • The Connector enables you to attach emails that you've sent from Outlook to records in Workbooks.
  • In addition, the Connector provides a bi-directional synchronisation between Outlook and Workbooks which allows you to share People/Contact records, Tasks and Meetings, regardless of where the records are created. This means you can see your Workbooks Meetings in your Outlook Calendar, Tasks in Outlook can appear on your Activities list in Workbooks. 
  • The Connector runs automatically in the background at a frequency set by each User.
  • Each User needs to download and install a small plug-in on their computer, which just takes a few minutes.
  • Emails shared via the Connector appear in Workbooks after the synchronisation has run. You can run the synchronisation manually at any time, in addition to the scheduled synchronisations.
  • The functionality is not included as standard in the Workbooks licence.
  • Users must have the right environment in order for the Connector to work. Click here for more information.

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