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Using Click to Dial/Call with Natterbox - How to set up?

Workbooks Support Posted: 2015-04-29 08:55

In Workbooks it is possible to use links in forms and grids to automatically start a phone call. This can save a lot of time by replacing dialing a number with a simple click. For more details on how this functionality actually works then please look at another one of our forum articles here. This article will look specifically at Natterbox integration and set up.

The following steps will guide you through setting up 'Click to Call' to use within Workbooks via Natterbox. First of all you need to edit your preferences. To do this click Start > Preferences and under General Preferences scroll down to the Telephone Integration section.

In the mandatory field Format of phone links you should insert a url that will look very similar to this:

You will have a unique url that you will obtain from Natterbox themselves. The text in green will be specific to your company account and you must replace the red text with your unique phone ID that is specific to each employee.

Once you have made this change, when you click on a phone number, it will launch Natterbox and start a call from your handset. You will need to login to Natterbox, but once you have done that you will remain logged in for the rest of the day.