Everything you need from a CRM platform

Work the way you want with a fully customisable CRM and marketing automation platform.

All the support you need with software and services from a single provider.

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Everything you need from a CRM platform
With other vendors, you
  • Pay one company for software and pay another to implement it​

  • Are pressured into buying software before understanding the true cost of implementation

  • Pay full cost for implementation of the cloud CRM software

With Workbooks you can
  • Get CRM software and implementation from a single vendor​

  • A co-funded workshop before you buy software to ensure it meets your needs​

  • Get free consulting days to co-fund your implementation

A made-to-measure CRM for an off-the-shelf price image

A made-to-measure CRM for an off-the-shelf price

Workbooks CRM joins up your entire business, helping everyone work better, work together, and work in the right way with a single cloud-based solution.

Marketing can generate more high-quality leads, sales can close more deals, finance can invoice quickly and easily, and support can deliver exceptional service.

By giving your teams a single 360-degree view of your business, Workbooks helps you put customers at its heart and build lasting, profitable relationships that grow long-term revenue in a sustainable way.

4.4 out of 5 (106 reviews)

Top 20 CRM 2020 Top 20 CRM 2020

4.3 out of 5 (106 reviews)

High Performer Summer 2022 High Performer Summer 2022

4.2 out of 5 (527 reviews)

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G2 Summer 2022 Grid® Report For CRM

Users love Workbooks!

G2 is the world’s leading B2B software and services review site. Its influential Grid® Report for CRM ranks products based on reviews posted by real-life users, including more than 500 active Workbooks users.

According to the Report:

  • 85% of users would recommend Workbooks
  • 86% of users think our software meets their requirements
  • 92% of users rated Workbooks 4 or 5 stars

As well as ranking highest for overall satisfaction, users also highlighted our exceptional payback period – on average, users see a return on their investment with Workbooks in just over a year.

Download your copy for a complete breakdown of how our users rate Workbooks.


CRM is a journey, and we’re with you every step of the way.

Our Shared Success approach reduces the risk of your CRM project failing and reduces the cost of implementation in three ways:

  • We help you understand what you need from CRM software to achieve your business goals with a co-funded workshop before you invest in software
  • When you invest in Workbooks, we co-fund your implementation to give you a made-to-measure CRM for an off-the-shelf price
  • And with a co-funded customer success programme, you can future-proof your business processes with a CRM that grows with you

That’s why, on average, our customers stay with us for 10 years and more than 1000 businesses around the world already trust Workbooks to help them work better, work together, and work in the right way.

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"Our business has become MORE predictable. We make MORE informed decisions and we can prioritise better. We are back in control."

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"We knew from the get-go that Workbooks was the one. Workbooks was MORE flexible and allows us to work the way we want to!"


"Workbooks formed a core part of our business transformation. It’s enabled us to put customers and data at the heart of our business."

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"Workbooks was able to provide the CRM best suited to our needs. It has made a real difference, has generated significant revenue and enabled us to run our business MORE efficiently.”

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"Workbooks has had a MORE positive impact on our organisation than we ever hoped for. It’s now the platform on which we’re running most of our business."

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