More than CRM
A powerful CRM platform combined with
expert implementation tailored to YOUR NEEDS

Not only do we provide a great CRM product, we also take the time to understand your business needs, before asking you to invest in software.

If we think we can help you, we will co-fund your CRM Project by providing free consultancy. That’s right – we will invest with you.

We call this shared success and it’s the reason we have been rated No.1 for Customer Satisfaction for the past 6 years*

*G2 Summer report 2021

Get more of what you need! Get more of what you need!
A CRM platform that gives you more image

A CRM platform that gives you more

More visibility, more insights, more leads, more efficiency, more time, more revenue, more control – whatever your business needs more of, we’ll build the solution that delivers on your business goals.

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4.4 out of 5 (104 reviews)

Top 20 CRM 2020 Top 20 CRM 2020

4.4 out of 5 (105 reviews)

Leader Autumn 2021 Leader Autumn 2021

4.3 out of 5 (493 reviews)

An expert team by your side

An expert team by your side

We are here to understand your business and help you get more of what you need. Our expert team is by your side to make sure that it all runs smoothly, from initial consultation, through to a successful implementation and ongoing support.

We have developed and offer a philosophy of Shared Success. We help you determine ‘what does success look like?’ and then help you achieve that success.

By working closely together with you, we’re in a position to help you improve your internal processes and tailor our platform to match your specific requirements. We provide profound insights as to what you could be doing differently and give you a clear roadmap of how to get there.

So it’s no surprise that our customers stay with us for an average of 9 years and that we have been voted Number 1 in CRM customer satisfaction… for the last 6 years!*

However it may come as a surprise that we are 50% cheaper than our rivals!

isn’t it time to get more of what you need?

*G2 Summer report 2021

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"Our business has become MORE predictable. We make MORE informed decisions and we can prioritise better. We are back in control."

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"We knew from the get-go that Workbooks was the one. Workbooks was MORE flexible and allow us to work the way we want to!"

Ultima Media

"Workbooks formed a core part of our business transformation. It’s enabled us to put customers and data at the heart of our business."

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XPS Pensions Group

"Workbooks was able to provide the CRM best suited to our needs. It has made a real difference, has generated significant revenue and enabled us to run our business MORE efficiently.”

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LLW Repository

"Workbooks has had a MORE positive impact on our organisation than we ever hoped for. It’s now the platform on which we’re running most of our business."

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