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Automate 'Complete' Task

External Posted: 2013-07-29 20:26
Hi all. Firsty, I am completely new to Workbooks. My business will be sending out introductory packs and I have a dashboard report that shows me how many have been requested today. This is done by creating a new task of type 'Send Welcome Pack' which I have created (as a custom drop down selection). However, this dashboard report is only a list of how many tasks of type 'Send Welcome Pack' there are with the due date of today. What I'm looking to do is: Have a button on my dashboard that, once I have exported the list to CSV for label printing, I can click and it sets each and every task in the report to 'Complete'. I am guessing this is done via 'Automation'? Can a button be added to my dashboard to run this script? and How? Or is it easier to simply set the task status to complete from the off and just print out the list at the end of the day as I would anyways? Thanks all. I appreciate your time and any assistance.
Workbooks Support Posted: Tue, 30.07.2013 - 09:59

Hi Philip

Thanks for your post. It is possible to run a Process from a Report (what your Dashboards consist of) and a script could be written to change the Status of every Task within the Report to 'Complete'. This can be written by yourself if you have the required technical skills or by ourselves through the use of Admin Credits.

Alternatively, you could navigate to the All Tasks Landing Page and setup filters to show the same records as your report. From here you can run a Bulk Action to update the Status to 'Complete'. This method wouldn't require a script and the view can be saved after you have created it so that going forwards you only have to run the bulk update.

Kind Regards
Workbooks Support