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Automatic Invoice Due Date

External Posted: 2015-01-31 17:20


Since a customer organisation has a pre-defined credit period, is there a way to have forms or PDF documents auto-calculate an invoice due date? e.g. Invoice Date + credit days = due date.

If the PDF templates were written in XSLT v2.0 then this could be done within the XSL code.

But as it stands is there any other way of doing this?



Workbooks Support Posted: Mon, 02.02.2015 - 10:13

Hi Carl

Have you tried setting the number of days credit when you mark an organisation as being a customer?  If you create a customer relationship in the grid on the main tab of an organisation record, like the one shown below, you can add in how many days credit they are entitled to (click on the relationship to open the dialogue window where you can specify the number of days credit):

If you use the mechanism above, then when you generate an invoice for this specific customer, Workbooks automatically calculates the payment due date by combining the invoice date with the number of days credit and shows it on the invoice, which can easily be pulled onto the PDF.  

I hope this helps set you off in the right direction.

External Posted: Wed, 04.02.2015 - 13:51

Perfect. I'm not quite sure why it wasn't previously working for me. User error no doubt.

Many thanks