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Bulk create Activities related to Person records

Workbooks Support Posted: 2015-02-26 12:50

A customer wanted to bulk create Activities related to People as identified in a report and assign the records to the Account Managers, i.e., the assignee of the person.

The solution here is to export the list of people to Excel, then import them back in again as Activities related to the corresponding Person record with the Activities assigned to the account manager. 

Steps as follows:

1. Export your list of People from your report, ensure that at the very least you have columns for Person Object reference and Assigned to (Account Manager from the Person record).

2. In Excel, add columns for every field of the Activity you will be importing data to, so Subject, Type, Description etc., but also include columns in your spreadsheet for any mandatory fields you may have on your Activity record and populate these appropriately - note the default mandatory fields are Priority, Status, Subject and Type. Populate each row accordingly and then remember to save this in CSV format.

3. Go to import and create a new import based on Activities - Tasks. Upload your CSV file, then at the field mapping stage, map the corresponding Activity columns - importantly mapping the Person assignee value (account manager) to the Activity Assigned to value - in your source data to the Workbooks Fields. The key step here is to extend through to Related Person. By extending through to the Related Person you can then map the Object Reference of the person exported earlier to the related person so that the Activities are mapped to the correct record in Workbooks. When you select this mapping a new window will open, in this window, in the Matching Field grid, you need to choose the Matching Field as Object Reference and the File field as your Person Object reference column as found in your source data.

4. Click next to reach Stage 4 of the import and set the import mode to Only create new records.

Once you've approved your import, voil√°, you'll have created a whole bunch of Activities related to the People records required, all assigned to the corresponding account managers.