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Bulk Reassigning Records for Permission changes to take effect

Workbooks Support Posted: 2014-03-07 15:50

If you've created Sharing Rulesets or modified existing Rulesets, these changes will only affect records going forwards. However, as long as your system has been configured so that Sharing Polices apply when record ownership changes, you can bulk reassign records to get them to adopt the new Permissions.

Take the following example. Opportunities have out of the box Permissions applied, as shown below:

However, I have a situation where I want certain users to only be able to view their own Opportunities whilst other users can view all Opportunities.

To do this I can create 2 user groups, called Full Access and Limited Access and setup rulesets to mirror these requirements. I can then apply these rulesets to Sharing Policies based on Opportunities.

NOTE: I have excluded steps on setting up these rulesets in this example but further information on create rulesets can be found here.  

As permissions are based on ownership, you need to assign the Opportunities from a particular user to another, then back again. The best way to do this is to use bulk reassign. In the example below, I have setup a filter to show Opportunities Assigned to Ross McQuire. From here, select Bulk Actions > Reassign > Select a different user (ideally someone with no Opportunities assigned to them). NOTE: Assigning a record to a queue doesn't change the owner of the record and therefore the Permissions remain the same. 

If you do happen to assign the Opportunities to a user with other Opportunities, you can add a filter to show only the records you have just Bulk Reassigned.

Following this, you can Bulk Reassign them back to the original user. In this case, Ross McQuire. Once the Bulk Reassign has completed, open an Opportunity and check that the correct Permissions have been applied. 

In this example I can see that the Sharing Policy I created combined with the Mandatory Permissions have been correctly applied to the Record.