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Displaying Barbour ABI information in an iFrame

Workbooks Support Posted: 2014-06-18 15:26

Barbour ABI provides sales lead and project information to the construction industry.

This information can be easily displayed within a tab in Workbooks by following these simple steps.  These steps are most likely to be used on the Sales Lead or Opportunity record types.  This example uses the Sales Lead record type:

Step 1

Create a text custom field to hold the Barbour ABI Project ID.  In this example the field is named Barbour Project ID.

Step 2

  1. Create an iFrame custom field. Ensure "Show as Tab" checkbox is set.
  2. Enter the URL as the Barbour ABI website, plus the name of the custom field created earlier e.g.  This step has the effect of appending the project id to the URL, which means the project info will be displayed in the tab.

NOTE: It's totally fine to name your custom field differently, but the URL defined in the iFrame custom field will need to reflect that. 

Step 3

Amend the Form Layout as required.  NOTE: You can also control the order of tabs in Form Layouts, not just fields and sections on the Main form.

NOTE: The Barbour information will only be displayed once you logon to Barbour ABI.