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FAQs about Licensing in Workbooks

Workbooks Support Posted: 2015-11-20 14:08

Below you will find some of the common questions that will be asked, and hopefully these will aid you in understanding how you will need to prepare your business for the change.

Q: What will happen to all of the records created by an ex-user who no longer has a licence allocated to them?

A: Nothing, the record will still remain; it can be updated and still be used by other users.


Q: What will happen to all of the records "Assigned To" an ex-user who no longer has a licence allocated to them?

A: Records that were assigned to "Joe Bloggs" will remain as such. If current users only wish to read these records and not make any changes, they will remain assigned to "Joe Bloggs". Should users wish to edit the record that was assigned to our ex-employee Joe Bloggs, then the record cannot be saved without assigning it to a currently licensed User or to a Queue, so the "Assigned To" field will need to be updated.


Q: What if I want to be able to make changes to these records, but want to still have them assigned to Joe Bloggs?

A: Without a valid licence, Joe Bloggs can no longer be assosciated with an updated record, so the record will need to be assigned to a user with an active licence in order to edit the record.


Q: We have a user leaving, but have not found their replacement yet. How can we allow users to keep updating Joe Bloggs' records (without needing to assign it to themselves) whilst we look for a replacement?

A: You could assign a license to an account called "Sales Team Manager" and assign all records to this account; once you have found a suitable candidate, you can switch the license over to their account and perform a Bulk Action to re-assign all of the records.


Q: Jane Doe only works here part time for 1 day on Friday each week. Normally we just assign her John Smith's licence, as he has Fridays off, how will this change affect us?

A: This would mean that for the 1 day Jane Doe is in, records can be assigned to her however on that day users will not be able to assign records to John Smith.  In addition, on the day that Jane is using the licence, records assigned to John cannot be updated and saved unless they are reassigned to another user first.

During the rest of the week (Monday to Thursday) John Smith will be able to use Workbooks as normal, however nobody will be able to assign any records to Jane Doe or modify them without reassigning them first. 

 NOTE: How customers deal with this and manage this is entirely up to them; they may wish to set up queues as explained above, or they may wish to purchase additional licences - these are decisions that are up to the customer to decide which works best for them.