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Filter DLI for Current Record

External Posted: 2015-01-14 14:26


I've read the DLI guide below (for creating a dynamic selection of an FAO person record)

but I want to have the person search filtered to be members of the organisation I'm editing.

Any ideas how to filter the report accordingly?


An example is the invoice address selector on the Invoicing form (customer relationship) which only shows you available contact locations from the linked organisation.


In summary, I want to edit an organisation form so that it has the option to select (from a dropdown) which contacts are the default delivery address, PO address, contact address etc....

Many thanks


Workbooks Support Posted: Thu, 15.01.2015 - 16:14

Hi Carl

It's good to know that you're testing out the Dynamic Linked Item (DLI) functionality.

Unfortunately it's not currently possible to limit the options available on the picklist to those related to the Organisation record you currently have open.  This would require the ability to pass in a parameter to define which Organisation it is. One alternative approach is to build the report that's driving the DLI such that the Organisation name is concatenated with the value you want to select.  That way, when using the picklist, you can start typing the name of the Organisation which immediately takes you to the part of the list that's appropriate for the Organisation in question.

I hope that helps.

External Posted: Thu, 29.01.2015 - 20:20

Thanks. I'm surprised by the limitation, but the workaround works for me at the moment. In an ideal world a tickbox alongside a DLI to apply a filter for the DLI report would be nice. e.g. "Only show items from this customer..."