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How to add a "Categorise" button for new emails (For WESS Users)

Workbooks Support Posted: 2015-12-30 15:55

In response to customer feedback from the WESS, it was identified that users found the inability to categorise outbound emails to be a frustration. We have therefore compiled a couple of solutions below.

1) The Button Approach

You are able to add a categorise option into a "New email" page by following the simple steps below:

With Outlook open, you need to open the "Visual Basic Window" ( Alt  +  F11 ).

Add a Module:

(Click on "Insert" > "Modules" Folder > Insert > Module) and copy & paste the below:

Public Sub CategoriesButton()
Dim Item As Outlook.MailItem
Set Item = Application.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
End Sub

For Outlook:

  1. Click the "New E-Mail" Button.

  2. Right Click > Customize Ribbon > Drop Down > Macros > Select "Project1.CategoriesButton" and add to a new group which can be created from the right hand side of the screen (see image below).

    3. Rename and Add icons to the button as you wish!

2) The Automated Approach

You can create a Rule within Outlook that will automatically categorize a message after you send it based on specific words in the body. If you can swallow putting a keyword in the body of the email, this should be an easy way to do it.

For example, create a Rule that applies after you send a message with "WESS-sync" in the body, assigning it to the "WESS" category.

Then at the end of an email just type "WESS-sync" and Outlook will categorize it according to the Rule when it is sent.