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How to automatically cc/bcc the email dropbox when sending emails in Outlook

Workbooks Support Posted: 2013-04-04 10:01

It is possible to automatically cc/bcc your email dropbox address when sending emails from Outlook. This may be done for several reasons, but the most common reason we hear is so that users don't forget to cc/bcc their dropbox. Please note that the following advice only applies to Outlook and is specifically aimed at Outlook 2010 and only to emails sent.

There are different methods available depending if you wish to set up a rule to automatically cc or bcc your dropbox address.

If you wish to automatically cc your dropbox address you can create a new rule within Outlook. A detailed guide on how to setup this Rule can be found here. Put briefly, you would create the rule so that when you send though 'the specified account', you 'cc the message to people or a public group', which in this case would be the user dropbox address. As mentioned previously, this guide is for Outlook 2010, however you can apply the same rules within Outlook 2007. The process for Outlook 2007 would be different from the process described in the article above.

If you wish to automatically bcc your dropbox address the process is slightly different as you are required add some visual basic code. To do this you would need to reveal the 'Developer' ribbon within Outlook and then add the Visual Basic code, found in this article. The article gives detailed steps on how to set this up and is once again based on Outlook 2010.