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Importing a Marketing Campaign and its Members.

Workbooks Support Posted: 2016-03-21 16:16

How would a User go about creating Campaigns and its Members in a single Process via Import?

As there are three types of Members available this is not possible via a single Import. An Import of the Marketing Campaign will need to take place first, followed by Imports for each different Member type; People, Organisations and Sales Leads. This can all be carried out using the same Upload file, which can often save time. To accomplish this please follow these steps;

  1. Create an Upload file that contains at least the Campaign Name, Campaign Member Status and Campaign Member (this can be the Record's name but we suggest using the Record's id or email address instead).  

  2. Run a Marketing Campaign Import to create the Campaigns. 
    NOTE: The only required field mapping at this point is the Campaign Name, however additional mappings can be added at this point, e.g. Campaign Start and End dates.

  3. After this Import has completed, 'Approve' it.

  4. Depending on the type of Member, start another Import using the same Upload file but with one of the following Import types: People Campaign Memberships, Sales Lead Campaign Memberships or Organisation Campaign Memberships.

  5. Map the Member to the relevant Campaign using Campaign Name, and map the Member Email Address, Name and the Status to the relevant Workbooks fields.

  6. Run the Import.

For more information on how to perform Imports please view our Workbooks Import Wizard Knowledge base article.