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Importing Campaign Membership information

Workbooks Support Posted: 2011-11-28 11:12

Using Workbooks import you can add People to Marketing Campaigns and assign a status to them for each of those Campaigns. If the People do not yet exist in your system, you can achieve this during the import of new People by extending to Campaign Membership. If they already exist in your database, you can use the Person Campaign Memberships Import type, or you can again run a People Import, but this time update/match to the Person records rather than create them.

Here are the steps involved:

  • Ensure all the Campaigns to which you want to add members exist and that for each one, you've set up any Statuses that you want to apply.
  • In your source data, make sure that you have a column for the Marketing Campaign name and one for the Member Status. You need a separate row for each Campaign that you want to add a member to (so you might have multiple rows for one person). For the import to be successful the Campaign names in your source data and the Status names you use must match the ones in Workbooks exactly.  
    NOTE:  If you want to same Status to apply to every Person for every Campaign you don't have to use a Status column and instead can apply a fixed mapping during the Import Wizard.
  • Start a People import.  You have to map the Person Name field (as it's a mandatory field). Map any other fields for a Person that you want to import (or update through import).
  • Within the Unmapped Workbooks Fields column on the right, click Extend and choose 'Campaign Membership'. This will make a title bar for Campaign Membership appear at the bottom of the column. Click on it to open and you'll see two Workbooks fields: Campaign Status and External Reference.
  • Click Campaign Status, which will open a screen like the one below (click to enlarge):

  •  If you've created a column in your source data that records the status of the Person in respect of the Campaign you should click File Field and choose the appropriate column. Alternatively, if you want to apply the same Status to every Person for every Campaign you can click in the Default or Constant Value column and type in a fixed value. Click in the File Field column on the Campaign row to choose the field in your source data that holds the Campaign name. Click Save & Close.
  • Click Next to move to Stage 4 of the Import Wizard. Choose the appropriate Import Mode and the field(s) you want to use to identify existing records.
  • Click Next and Run.

The import will run and will create new records and/or update existing ones (depending on the import mode you set), and will add the People to the specified Campaigns.