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Is it possible to have multiple Line item Sections on my Transaction Documents?

External Posted: 2016-06-25 10:33

In opportunities, quotations, orders, invoices, credit notes there is a section below for line items [ Line Items ]. If for example, in opportunities, i use [ Line Items ] for engineering services, can i create [Line Items Section 2] for other services where the line item requirements and terms and conditions differ.

This is on the basis of One Opportunity, many Line Item Sections  


Workbooks Support Posted: Mon, 27.06.2016 - 10:00

Hi Gregory,

Unfortunately it is not possible to have two Line items sections on Transaction documents, however it is possible within the Line item section to add a new field to categorise them. 

To accomplish this, we would suggest either;

  1. Creating Custom Fields within the Line item section for the terms and conditions and your requirements then apply a filter on this Columns.
  2. Or for a more extensive implementation we would suggest storing the terms and conditions/requirements on the Product Records themselves using Custom Fields. Then by creating a Line Item Custom fields with the same name and type, the information will automatically be populated on the Line item when the Product is selected. It would then, again, be possible to filter by these columns.

Kind regards,

Workbooks Support