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Related Items (ORD and INV)

External Posted: 2011-07-21 08:40

Hi All,

Quick scenario regarding related items:

  • I create an ORD and list all the line items there (Usually around 10 items)
  • I then want to split the payments into 4 invoices so I copy the document and create an INV. I delete all of the line items and put a single one in saying initial 25%. Once this is created, the INV appears in the related items tab of the ORD.
  • I then need to create 3 more invoices for the remaining 3 payments so I copy the first INV and adjust the line item to say second, third, fourth payment. This is more convenient than creating a new INV from a copy of the ORD as I don't have to delete all of the line items each time.
  • The new INVs that were created are not related to the original ORD and the only way to find them is to go back to the customer record which isn't convenient, especially if you have multiple ORDs against a client.

So is there a way of relating copied invoices back to the original order?



Workbooks Support Posted: Tue, 26.07.2011 - 09:57

Hi David,

The parent transaction documents are not copied when creating copy invoices.  You can however related the copied invoice back to its "Parent" order by going to the Related Items tab > Add Related Item > Search for the order e.g. ORD-123 > Tick the checkbox > Click Add.

One of the reasons all Related Items aren't transferred during the copy is that there are often lots of related items.  Year-on-year, or even monthly renewals would soon lead to a very long list of related items.