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Restricting Activity Types

External Posted: 2015-10-28 11:11

Can you restrict the types of Activity you can create based on the record type that's open?

Here I've added two new types of activity "Disciplinary Case" and "TD Training Certificate" but they only apply to People and don't make any sense for Organisations. Can we remove these from the list for non-People?



Workbooks Support Posted: Wed, 28.10.2015 - 11:46

Hi Michael,

From what I understand of your question (i.e. when creating a new activity for a person, only haing person-related activities show up; and likewise for other record types) this is not possible within Workbooks.

Due to the nature in which the activities are set up, they are automatically linked to multiple record types (i.e. if you were to raise a disciplinary case for Person X who is employed by Organisation Y; then this activity is going to be linked to both Person X as well as Organisation Y).

I understand this request is more from a UI perspective; you could look into the possibility of hiding certain activity types from certain people/groups (i.e. sales group can only see sales related activities; HR can only see People related activity templates)