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Task or To-Do Lists

External Posted: 2011-08-05 14:52

When constructing a task or to-do list containing names of Organisations or People to be called, at the moment it is our practice to build a view and export the resulting list to EXCEL.

We do this because it is very easy to see at a glance where you have got to when viewing a spreadsheet on-screen, using colours perhaps to mark the status of line items; "got through", "still to call" etc. It is also very easy to add narrative and other data obtained.

Although this works well and is very intutitive, it means that any data obtained has to be re-entered into Workbooks and the task/to-do list cannot be shared between two or more people and with a single view of progress.

Is there any way the same simple usability can be achieved within Workbooks?

Workbooks Support Posted: Fri, 05.08.2011 - 15:35

I can see the benefit of exporting to Excel and using colours / conditional formatting, but exporting and re-keying information doesn't sound like much fun.

If you and your colleagues create the same saved view, with the same filter criteria and sort order then you can process the activities in Workbooks.  Remember that you can increase the number of records shown in grids from 20 by changing the "Items to show on each page" setting in StartPreferences.

You can also amend the Activity Status picklist values in ConfigurationFields & Picklists so that it uses the terms you mention in your question ("Got through", "Still to call" etc).

Workbooks highlights overdue activities in red.  If you would like to be able to define the "row highlighting colour" based on a picklist value / record status then please feel free to log an idea on the Ideas Forum.  I can see the benefit of this for cases that have not been updated in the last n days/hours e.g. Red amber green traffic light colouring.