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Changes to the Customer Transactions Landing Page

Workbooks Support Posted: 2016-07-07 11:09

In the Summer 2016 release, you will see that rather than a Customer Transaction and Supplier Transactions Landing Page, they have now been split out into the different record types.


Why has this been done?

This is to improve the performance of the Landing Pages, they will now load faster.

What effect will this have?

Existing Saved Views

All of your Views will still exist, but they will have moved. This will mean that:

  • Views based on particular record types will have moved to the Landing Page for that record type.
  • Views based on 'Customer Transactions' will now have moved to the Customer Invoices Landing Page.
  • Views based on 'Supplier Transactions' will have moved to the Supplier Orders Landing Page.
    The same principles apply for Report Views.

If you would like to move which Landing page the Views that are based on Customer/Supplier Transactions appear on, you will need to recreate these using Reports. This can be done by:

1.  Creating a report based on 'Accounting Documents'
2.  Adding this as a Report View to one of your Landing Pages.
 Note: This would also give you greater flexibility over what is displayed in the view such as adding grand totals and conditional styling.

If you don't have too many saved Views that you use, you may wish to re-create the View anyway to take advantage of the performance improvements made for this release. 

Pins and Shortcuts

These changes mean that Pins and Shortcuts to Views that are based on Customer/Supplier Transactions will still work but they will load slower and the menu on the left hand side will appear as per the screenshot below.

Therefore, we suggest that you recreate the Pins and Shortcuts to point to the new Landing Pages. Pinned Windows can be deleted via your Preferences.