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What does the Advanced Security Extension Provide?

External Posted: 2012-11-16 18:04

The Advanced Security Extension allows you to control the Sharing Policy for your database. The Sharing Policy determines which Permissions records are given when they are created.

Permissions are used to determine if a user is able to view, edit and delete a specific record, so for example: If the user doesn't have permission to view a record, they won't be able to open the record and see the content.

Without the Advanced Security Extension all records are created with default set of permissions which allow all users to view and edit all records and also to delete the records they own.

This default policy works well for many of our customers, however if you want more control you will need to upgrade to the Advanced Security Extension.

With the Advanced Security Extension you can create sophisticated policies, such as:

  • The French group can only view and edit Opportunities they created.
  • The English group can only view and edit Opportunities they created.
  • The Management group can view, edit and delete all Opportunities no matter who created the record.

Permissions should not be confused with Capabilities. Capabilities control which parts of Workbooks are available to a user and the ability to control Capabilities is included in the standard product.

For example the 'View Sales Orders' Capability is required to see any Customer Orders regardless of the Permissions. Therefore you can remove access to all Orders by removing this Capability. To restrict access to 'some' Orders you will need the Advanced Security Extension.

The Advanced Security Extension must be licensed for all users.

You can learn more about Permissions and Capabilities here.