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Will the Outlook Connector work if i am using IMAP?

External Posted: 2013-03-19 15:51

 Dear Support

Will the Outlook Connector Work if i am using IMAP?


Workbooks Support Posted: Tue, 19.03.2013 - 15:57

Hi Stephen

Unfortunately the situation is that the Outlook Connector has been written to cater for the majority of the market, which uses Microsoft's Outlook and Exchange. Today we have a solution which only support Microsoft email products on Windows, however we hope that one day we will be able to support other product combinations too.

There are several alternative approaches available to solving this:


Use POP3 together with Microsoft Outlook and the Workbooks Outlook Connector (see

The Workbooks Outlook Connector is compatible with PST (POP3) and Cached Exchange (OST), but not with IMAP or Non-Cached Exchange.  [...] Where MS Exchange Server is not used, a local (on client PC) Outlook .PST file is used for the Workbooks CRM data storage. Only a single Outlook profile should be used with the Workbooks Outlook Connector.

POP3 is an older protocol and pre-dates IMAP and MAPI but it is supported by the vast majority of email systems. It appears that Smartermail supports this too: - hopefully the customer's email provider has enabled this feature of that product, in which case this is a perfectly valid solution and we're in business!


Use a Microsoft Exchange server, perhaps from a hosted Exchange provider (Cobweb, Nasstar, ...) together with the Workbooks Outlook Connector. We recommend choosing a provider running Exchange 2010. Obviously this has the disadvantage of being disruptive to the customer, who now has to change email provider.


Use the Workbooks Dropbox: you copy or bcc this special email address and it stores your emails in Workbooks appropriately linked to the correspondents. In practise, this is what the majority of the Workbooks service delivery team use because it is very easy to use and works with all mail solutions. Further information on the email dropbox can be found here.


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